When does the Galway City Marathon take place?
The Galway City Marathon takes place on 28 August 2011.

What is the start time of the race?
The marathon starts at 09:00 hrs.

What events can I register for?
The marathon weekend includes a series of mile events on 27 August, and the marathon, half-marathon, mini-marathon on 28 August.

What is the schedule of events?

The Galway City Marathon is more than just a race - it includes the three events on Sunday and also hosts the Galway City Mile on Saturday. The Latin Quarter will again host the post-race burger free to all participants.

Saturday 27 August - Mile
Sunday 28 August - Marathon, Half Marathon, and Mini Marathon

Do the races have permits?
Yes. In 2010, the mile, half-marathon and marathon events had Athletics Association of Ireland permits and UltraRunning Ireland sanctioned the 50km race. The Galway City Marathon is also a member of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and all courses are measured by an IAAF measurer.

Will there be road closures?
Yes. The event has a managed course and will be marshaled by professionals from Sword Security.

When can I enter?
Entries are open from 1st March until 23rd August 2011.

How do I enter?
Enter online here.

Is it a guaranteed entry or a lottery?
Your race number is guaranteed once you have paid the appropriate entry fee and submitted your completed form.

Do I have to run for a charity to get a race number?
No, you are not required to run for a charity to gain a race number. Those wishing to support a chatity may register here and select a charity. Otherwise, please register in our general registration here.

Do I need a qualifying time to run?
No, you don't need a qualifying time to run but you are expected to complete the race within 6:00 hours. You will be required to move to the footpaths after 6 hours.

What is the entry fee?
See the tables below:















Does my entry fee include VAT?

Yes. All entry fees are inclusive of VAT @13.5%. Online entries will incur a card transaction fee of 3%.

What happens when I enter online?
Your debit or credit card details will be processed and debited for the entry fee amount plus a 3% card transaction fee. You will receive two emails - one will be a receipt for the payment and the second will be your race entry confirmation.

Where do I pick up my race / bib number (Race Pack)?
Race numbers, timing chips and Goody Bags can be picked up at the Salthill Hotel in Salthill from 10am to 6pm on 27 August 2011. You will pick up your pack by giving your name and email address.

What should I do if I am ill or injured before the race?
You must be fit and well to run a marathon. Severe exertion during or soon after any kind of fever is extremely dangerous. If you find yourself in this situation you must withdraw - even if this is the first time you are attempting to run such an event.

Do I get a refund or deferment if I can't run?
Sorry, you will not get a refund or deferment if you can't run.

Can I transfer my number if I can't run?
Sorry, under no circumstances can you transfer your number to someone else if you can't run.

Who can I contact for help?
See our contact page. The Galway City Marathon office is located at:
Galway City Marathon
No. 2, Atlanta House
Dominick Street

E: info@galwaycitymarathon.com

Where on the race (bib) number do I include medical information?
On the back of your race (bib) please put any important medical information and a contact number in case of emergencies.

Where is the start of the race?
Please see the course map. All events, except the mile, will start on the Promenade in Salthill.

Where can I leave baggage?
A baggage area will be provided at the Start/Finish areaon the Salthill Promenade from 07:30 hrs on race day. The area will be divided according to your race number. Please leave your bag in the assigned area where you can collect it after the race. Under no circumstances will the baggage area accept anything other than your kit bag, which should display your running number on the label stuck onto your bag. You will be advised by our Public Address when to hand in your kit bag. At the Finish, you will be able to collect your kit bag from the same area, on production of your running number.

Should I wear the race (bib) number on the front or back?
Race numbers should be worn in the FRONT and should be displayed as provided. No Folding.

What should I do on Race Day morning?
Make sure you pin your race number as directed using the pins provided in the bag that you collect at the Registration Desk. Don't fold your race number in any way. Leave your gear bag at the designated spot in the start/finish area. Please do not leave any valuables as the organisers are not liable for any lost or stolen items. Always listen to any PA announcements from the race organisers. Some things may change on the day and this is the only manner of communication to everybody. Try and plan your visits to the toilets carefully. They are placed beside the baggage area. Near to start time there are likely to be big queues, so the sooner you act the better!

Will there be start zones?
There will be start zones so please listen to PA for instructions on race day. The zones will be determined as the race entry fills and natural groups emerge.

What race day etiquette should I adhere to?

  • Wear your race (bib) number on the front. Anyone without an official race (bib) number on the front may be removed from the race in the last kilometre.
  • Don't allow friends who aren't registered in the event to run alongside you. It is unfair on those who have paid to enter and it may also be dangerous and cause an obstruction.
  • If there are several of you running together be aware of those behind you who might be trying to get past. Don't line up across the width of the road, try and be in single file as much as possible. This is also the case for those who are walking. If you hear someone trying to get past move across as soon as you can and let them go.
  • Don't suddenly stop in the middle of the race. If you need to tighten your shoelaces, for example, please move across to the side of the road first and then take whatever action is needed. Chaos can result if you suddenly stop without warning!
  • Drinks stations are often the place where injuries can occur. Don't suddenly veer across in front of another runner to grab a water bottle. Take your turn and remember that often the far end of the station will be empty. Don't take more than you need and remember there will probably be plenty of people behind you whose requirements may be greater than yours!
  • When you run away from a drink station don't just drop a water bottle on the road where another runner could trip on it. You will see bins on the roadside. Please use them.
  • If you're in need of a toilet, don't worry as there will be plenty along the route at the water stations. Just remember though not to queue across the road in a manner that could obstruct other runners.
  • Always take note of instructions given to you by marshals throughout the race. Although you might not always agree with them, the marshals are present to help and advise and to look after your safety. Say thanks to them whenever you can. Some will be volunteers who have given their time for your benefit.

What is the route for the race?
Please see the course map on www.galwaycitymarathon.com.

What is the profile of the route?
A profile of the course will be available on www.galwaycitymarathon.com.

What is provided at the Hydration Stations?
Water and Powerade will be provided at the hydration stations.

Will the course be marked?
The route will be marked with mile signs and also marked at 5 Km intervals.

Where will the toilets be located?
Toilets will be located at the Start/Finish area on the Promenade and at intervals along the course.

Where will the First Aid stations be located?
The first aid stations will be located close to the hydration stations and also at the Start/Finish Area.

What happens at the finish line?
The Finish area will be a busy area so it is imperative that you obey the race marshals instructions. All finishers will receive Deep RiverRock water and a Galway City Marathon finishers medal as they cross the line. Please make your way through the chute as quickly as possible to avoid congestion.

What time will I be given for the race?
Every participant will be given a racing chip. This records your time electronically from when you cross the line at the start until you finish. Please ensure that you attach the chip as per the instructions on your shoe to ensure you receive a time.

What do I do if I need to drop out?
If you have to drop out during the race for any reason, make your way to the start/finish area and hand in your race chip. Alternatively, wait for a marathon courtesy vehicle to take you to the finish area.

Will I get official photographs of the race?
Official photographers will be stationed around the course. Proofs will be available from the Galway City Marathon website.

When can I get results?
Provisional results will be available as soon as possible on Race Day. Times will be posted on www.precisiontiming.net and each participant, who registered with a valid mobile/cell number, will also receive a text with their time and placing.

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