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      Date: Aug 10, 2011
     Title: City Representatives on Ironman Junket
Various Newspaper Articles Relating to the Cancellation of the Galway City Marathon

Aug 10 - Council Official and Cllr Crowe on Ironman Junket

The Galway Independent revealed that Director of Services, Ciaran Hayes, and former Mayor, Cllr Michael Crowe, travelled to Germany last year and stayed at the expense of Ironman organisers. The revelation comes on top of claims by the Galway City Marathon organisers that the City Council seemed to favour the Ironman Galway competition, while putting obstacles in the way of the Galway City Marathon. The Marathon organsiers had earlier revealed that the Council were concerned about the proximity of the Marathon to the Ironman even though the Marathon date was established first. This concern led to various bureaucratic obstacles on the part of the Council, according to the Marathon organisers.

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Aug 10 - City Council Has no Traffic Management Protocols

It was revealed by the Galway Independent that Galway City Council have no set protocols or templates for traffic management. This revelation totally contradicts earlier assertions by City Officials that the Galway City Marathon organisers did not meet criteria for the operation of such events. The Council apparently makes  up such protocols in an arbitrary fashion and other road running races have submitted no plans whatsoever.

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Aug 10 - City Marathon Organisers Fund Other Local Organisations

Cllr Michael Crowe's claim that the City Marathon organisers did not honour pre-event commitments were well and truly blasted out of the water by the Galway Independent. The paper revealed that the organisers far exceeded any promised voluntary contributions by paying substantial amounts to local clubs, the Irish Schools Athletic Association, and the charity, GOAL, amongst others. Cllr. Crowe has refused to apologise to date.

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